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The company is founded in 2000, and the staff has been operating in the Bus-industry for decades, being responsible for the parts supply and producer selection.

During these pre-Interparts time, the central warehouse and uniform choise for bodywork and chassis manufacture, provided the opportunity to develop specific manufactured parts, from lining, drums up to body panels and windscreens.

With Interparts our mission is to be a partner with our producers, logistic partners and customers, achieving a bit of profit and a lower costprice mileage.

The products we supply are not sourched from OEM distribution organisations from A-Brands, where the price is directed, and our added value is to small meeting our ideas about serving the partner/customer.

For that reason we are looking for product, where we can influence the specifications aiming for a perpetuum-part and looking for the weakest element of the product.

This is different to the approach and standard attitude from manufactures in the heavy duty to achieve an amount of cycles or meeting the minimum international standard, and at least overcome the warranty period. 

This includes a close cooperation between manufacture, reseach and devellopment department, and customer engineers.

We have a logistic service in Sheffield (UK) - below - and Uithoorn(NLD).