Wheel nut loosening solutions
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The company was founded in 2000 by Bert de Groot and grown into a family business. During the 20 years before the daily practise was the sourcing of parts for the largest bus operator of the Netherlands.  Reengineering was the word, visiting all kinds of manufactures over Europe, Turkey and China, focussed on quality development in relation to the cost-mileage instead of a limited warranty life, as the ownership of the buses was 18 years.

These skills were more than welcome in the new company, and practised over the years, resulting in several developments leading to patents, and a well known position in the marketplace as developer/producer.

Ever since 2006 we developed wheel loosening indicators and retainers. During the development of retainers and indicators with retaining function, we use our own designed loosening machine suitable for 22mm diameter studs (HGV-application).

The major conclusions out of these tests are :

-      This relative movement adds up a stress load to the fasteners, and specific the stud. In combination with the stress at the required tightening torque the stud can become fatigue.

-      That the relative movement between wheel and hub can create a loosening torque, and that the loosening torque is more or less linear related to the clamping force.

-      Play between wheel and hub creates the wobbling stage of the wheel, commonly followed by shearing of the nuts from the stud.

-      Wobbling of the wheel relative to the hub, and becoming fatigue of the fasteners,  are essential elements to prevent wheel detachment.

The last development is the Twindicator, for which we also are creating a specific compound to be more suitable under warmer conditions as West-Europe.

Our staff is ready to assist you: Annette, Bert, Bram, Floor, Jack, Joe, Nigel and Puck.

We have a logistic centre in Sheffield (UK) and Uithoorn (NLD).